There are 7 questions in all. The game is comprised of 50 bundles of Rs 2,00,000 value. Contestants must place all their money on trapdoors every time.
Time to answer all the questions would be 60 seconds.
Questions 1 to 3 have four options of answer, Contestants can only cover 3 trap doors. Questions 4, 5 and 6 have three options of answer, contestants can only cover 2 trap doors. Question 7 has two options, contestants can only cover 1 trap door. All or nothing. Contestants are always given a choice of 2 categories for each question.

Host does not touch the money, it is up to the contestant to move money around, place on trapdoors. Retrieve money from trapdoors. Maximum time for debate before 60 sec clock comes in is at discretion of producers, but will be around 15 - 30 seconds. There will be no electronic device to work out amount of money on each trapdoor, this is up to Host.