SMS Contest

Question will be asked for the viewers to answer on every episode. The viewers will have to send the correct answer through SMS. From the viewers who have sent correct answer 100 winners will be selected by lucky draw and Rs.1000/- will be given to them individually.

The prize money should be claimed with proper identification and documentation within 30 days from the date of intimation, failing which SUN TV will not be liable for any payment.

The winning price will be mailed to the SMS Winners postal address. So we kindly request the winners not to come in person for collecting the same.

12/08/2012 Sunday, EPISODE 44 : Winners will be announced on 14/08/2012 Tuesday 5:00 PM onwards

11/08/2012 Saturday, EPISODE 43 : Winners will be announced on 13/08/2012 Monday 5:00 PM onwards

12/08/2012 Sunday Episode 44:
நேயர்களுக்குக் கேட்கப்பட்ட SMS கேள்வி:
Tamilnattil vetrilaikku pugazh petra oor edhu ?
(A) Trichy (B) Kumbakonam (C) Salem (D) Dharumapuri

11/08/2012 Saturday Episode 43:
நேயர்களுக்குக் கேட்கப்பட்ட SMS கேள்வி:
Ghottu vathiyam enbathu ivatrul endha vagai isaikaruviyai charndhadhu ?
(A) Sithar (B) Veenai (C) Murasu (D) Sarangi

Sun TV Congratulates the following sms winners for participating in the SMS Contest

* Condition Apply : The SMS contest is applicable only to the Indian Region