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Old is Gold - Sing. Compete. Win.

10 Jan 2014

Walt Disney was 54 years when he decided to build the children’s theme park Disneyland. John Pemberton invented the recipe for Coca Cola at the age of 55. Charles Darwin wrote the ‘Origins of Species’ when he was 50 years old through his years of observing nature. Woodrow Wilson was a college professor until his mid-50's who later went on to become the President of United States. Back here in Indian music scenario, playback singer Mohammed Rafi won his only National award at the age of 53. One of the most famous super hit songs in Malayalam cinema ‘Pramadhavanam’ was rendered by renowned singer KJ Yesudas after he turned 50.

As Mark Twain quoted, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” Passion, perseverance and performance knows no age barrier so long as you’ve the right opportunity to showcase the dream you’ve silently nurtured in your prime years with the hope of making it to the acme of success someday. Here’s that ideal chance for those late bloomers to tap the mighty oak that has been dormant in their singing talent at a larger and powerful medium with tremendous reach as television.  Sun TV Network has launched an excusive reality show called ‘OLD IS GOLD’ on Surya TV touted to be the first reality show to display singing talent for participants who’re 50 years and above from various walks of life ranging from a bank manager to school music teacher to cargo service supervisor to stage singer to a senior engineer from the corporate world.

The show aims to bring out unknown voices, flaunt the hidden talent and make delayed dreams come true.  After a state wide audition held across Kerala, ‘Old is Gold’ has the oldest contestant pushing 70 and one among the 24 shortlisted contestants vying for the ultimate winning prize of 25 lakhs. The show is spread over a demanding season of 42 episodes and telecast every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Surya TV with Malayalam anchor Madonna presenting the show. The participants will have a celebrity music composer/singer Mr. M Jayachandran playing the role of a guide in encouraging the participants to deliver better with constructive feedback. Prior to every episode’s performance, the participants undergo rigorous practice sessions for 4 days with a professional voice trainer and orchestra to hone their singing skills before the actual shoot. As for the eliminations, the participants who are divided into 4 groups of 6 members each will have to vote each participant out and ensure their survival in the show.  Poised to create an overwhelming response in this unique format, Sun TV Network provides that podium to renew their creativity and bring them to the foreground of fame. After all. as the famous British writer George Eliot wrote, ‘It’s never too late to be what you might have been’.

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TV Schedules 17/11/2018
00:00 Movie contd - Nepaali
01:30 Nagaichuvai Galatta
03:00 Thirai Thendral
04:00 Sugamana Ragangal
05:00 Bakthi Paadalgal
06:00 Aalaya Vazhipaadu
06:30 Karthigai Matha Palangal
07:00 Deiva Dharisanam
07:30 Morning News
08:00 Thimiru Pudichavan - Spl
09:00 Jai Hanuman
09:30 Vinayagar
10:00 Shirdi Saibaba
10:30 Nandhini
11:00 Bama Rukmani
11:30 Valli
12:00 Sumangali
12:30 Mahalakshmi
13:00 Priyamanaval
13:30 Minnaley
14:00 Chandralekha
14:30 Kalyana Parisu
15:00 Roja
15:30 Movie - Mayandi Kudumbathar
18:00 News
18:30 Vinayagar
19:00 Azhagu
19:30 Kalyana Veedu
20:00 Nayagi
20:30 Kanmani
21:00 Nandhini
21:30 Vani Rani
22:00 Priyamanaval
22:30 Valli
23:00 Comedy Junction
23:30 Movie - Mugamoodi
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