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Best Channel Award 2014 for Sun Music

23 Jan 2015

Sun Music has reaped the rewards of innovation in its content and presentation with the Best channel award 2014 from ‘Vikatan Group’. When only logos made a difference between other music channels, Sun Music made its exclusivity felt in every show it presented to the audience. Sun Music steered clear of being a generic music channel and gave a platform for different segments, genres and musical taste of the viewers with a broad spectrum of programs from ‘Love today’, ‘Route Thala’ and ‘Suda Suda Chennai’. 


Sun Music made DJ mixes with songs, lyrics and exemplary editing to bring about the now popular ‘Mashup’. Other shows like ‘Take it easy’, ‘Box Office’, ‘Flash Back’ and the late evening band show ‘Hit O Hit’ are some of the trending shows that elevated the channel to the top spot.  A make-over for the channel’s look and feel was brought in with VJ IDs / graphic & movie scenes, innovative promos & sleek packaging that set a particular tone for the channel and filled the appetite of Tamil music enthusiasts.

TV Schedules 19/04/2019
00:00 Jilebi - Movie Contd
01:00 Thenum Vayambum
01:30 Ennu Swantham Jaani - Repeat
02:00 Chandrakumari - Repeat
02:30 Vaalsalyam - Repeat
03:00 Lakshmi Stores - Repeat
03:30 Ennu Swantham Jaani - Repeat
04:00 Thenum Vayambum - Repeat
04:30 Surya Music
05:30 Voice Of Grace
06:00 Jesus Voice
06:30 Vachana Sandesam
07:00 Blessing Today
07:30 Shubharambham
08:00 Balagopalan
08:30 Porus - Repeat
09:00 Movie - Aadupuliyattam
12:00 Movie - Chotta Mumbai
14:30 Movie - Inspector Dawood Ibrahim
17:30 Vaalsalyam
18:00 Nagakanyaka 3 - Repeat
18:30 Balagopalan
19:00 Thenum Vayambum
19:30 Ennu Swantham Jaani
20:00 Chandrakumari
20:30 Lakshmi Stores
21:00 Nagakanyaka 3
21:30 Porus
22:00 Kadhakalkappuram
23:30 Movie - Aadupuliyattam
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