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My Paatu (Song Request)
Music Based Mon-Sun, 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Watch you and your favourite song on Sun Music ‘My Paatu’ by sharing your favourite moment in the name of dedication on your chosen date and profile picture is even better with this amazing technology.

Let you and your music get featured on Sun Music…

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  • MON-SUN:02:00 - 03:00 PM
    • SUN MUSIC 

      10:00 AM

      Box Office

    • SUN MUSIC 

      11:30 AM

      Super 7

    • SUN MUSIC 

      12:00 AM

      Back 2 Back Songs

    • SUN MUSIC 

      08:00 PM

      My Paatu (Song Request)

    • SUN MUSIC 

      03:00 PM

      Fresh Beats

    • SUN MUSIC 

      04:00 PM

      Sound Check

    • SUN MUSIC 

      07:30 AM

      Super 6-Ad Free Aaru Paatu

    • SUN MUSIC 

      11:00 AM


    • SUN MUSIC 

      09:00 AM

      Breakfree songs

    • SUN MUSIC 

      05:00 PM


    • SUN MUSIC 

      04:00 PM

      Inga Enna Solluthu - Live

    • SUN MUSIC 

      12:00 PM


    • SUN MUSIC 

      06:00 PM

      100% LOVE

    • SUN MUSIC 

      07:00 AM


    • SUN MUSIC 

      08:00 AM

      Good Morning Sun Music

    • SUN MUSIC 

      12:00 PM

      Sentamizh Penne

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