Surya Singer
Surya Singer – A reality based singing show for children between the age group 5-13 years is being aired every Saturday between 8pm- 9 pm on SURYA TV.

This show has discovered some of the best singing talent through a series of statewide audition in Kerala. The top 24 singers have been selected through rigorous rounds and the finest singers have been chosen to enter the final stage of this musical grandeur.

Surya Singer hosted by the very friendly, young and charming anchor Delsy sets the floor with her vibrance and the show also features a panel of judges who are Mr. Venugopal, Mr. Unni Krishnan and the Mahaguru, who are prominent personalities in the Malayalm music industry and they offer scores and evaluations of performance to the contestants in every stage of the competition.

Mr.Vidyadharan will be the Mahaguru for all the top 24 contestants to them train and groom each one of them to develop their singing quality and to take their confidence to the next level.

Please watch and support all these beautiful kids who sing their hearts out and enjoy every moment of this musical journey.

Surya Singer – Watch it on Surya TV Every Saturday between 09 PM – 10 PM